Kardashian's World Top-Selling Sex Tape

We all know Kim Kardashian's love for sex. Her 2003 sex video tape featuring Ray J, her former boyfriend, is the top-selling sex tape in history. Previously, the titled belonged to Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson since 1995 courtesy of their home sex video

Kardashian's featured naked in her nude magazine last week which could have been the reason behind for her success in surpassing Anderson. Based on information from TMZ, sales of her sex tape have increased significantly since last week after the release of her nude magazine. The site also indicates Ray J to be a beneficially of the tape. The 33-year old rapper will earn about $50,000 in one week out of the sales. This is a huge deviation from his usual earnings of $90,000 in three months.
The president of Vivid Entertainment said the sales propelled the tape's ranking higher over what many think of Kardashian. The superstar is currently worth more than $65 million. Besides rapping, Ray J is a music producer and actor approximated to be worth about $6 million.

Kim's Interview About Bruce Jenner 



It's strange, but the Kardashian family is upset that someone from the family has opened up about their personal life. The family has made their living by allowing people to be in their business and now they are upset because something was revealed about a family member. Kim Kardashian has gone public about her stepfather Bruce Jenner's gender changing move. Now her family is upset with her about it.According to a family member, Kim has lost their trust. All of her siblings and her stepfather are furious with her. Her sisters Kendall and Kylie are extremely upset because Bruce is their biological father. Kourtney and Khloe consider Bruce Jenner to be their father too so they are livid as well. Kim Kardashian seems to be public enemy number one in the family right now.

During an interview, Kim was asked about Bruce's alleged gender change. Kardashian said that the family supports his decision. The reality star practically admitted that her stepfather is going through with the transformation. She gave a calculated answer by saying he'll share it when the time is right, but she may as well have confessed to what he was doing. Kardashian's interview caused another stir in the family. The family thinks Kim shouldn't have said anything about his transformation. They are furious that she didn't talk to them before she did the interview. They believe she is using the family to sell her brand.

This wouldn't be the first time that Kardashian has used her family to get attention. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star's sisters aren't the only ones upset. Her stepbrother Brody Jenner is livid. Jenner wishes Kim just said how Bruce was doing. He thinks this is a sensitive time for his father and the family. It's funny how this is the issue that has everyone so angry. They are constantly putting their business out in the public and now they want privacy. For some reason, the family feels that this situation was one of the things that should have remained private.

The former Olympian has been seen looking different lately. It was a safe bet that someone was going to be questioned about it. The public was going to want Kim's opinion about it since she is the most famous Kardashian.Are they really surprised that Kardashian went public with a family matter? Did they forget how they became famous in the first place? Kim Kardashian obviously has no limits on how much she will expose herself as well as her family