Kimye Gossip

Where there is smoke there is fire. However, in this case, there is no fire.

Rumors have it that there is great trouble for Kim Kardashian and the E, but the reality star’s representative is quick to tell us that there is absolutely nothing wrong. The star’s rep goes ahead to dismiss the latest speculations as pure nonsense!

Despite the fact that the brunette beauty may be just half across the world of business, it is certain that the married duo have been spending quality time together.

For your information, the couple was seen going into an Office in Los Angeles holding hands.

The couple regularly spends their night in the Big Apple. During one of those nights, Kimye had a romantic night at Soho House.

And if truly there is a problem in their relationship, why are they still hanging out together? The happening at the Big Apple says much. Isn’t true that the couple that dresses together stays together?

Although they have spotted on opposite coasts, this did not mean that Kimye is not headed towards Splitville. Nonetheless, in the near future, there will be a lot of talks expanding their family.

It was during an interview show that she admitted that she was expecting to have another child with her husband. “It’s all in God’s hand” she was quick to point out.

Kimye marriage on the collapse? 

Marrying Kardashian girls is a complete waste of time; this phrase has been trending on the social media for quite some time. The latest causality is Kanye West, who is legally married to Kim Kardashian. This marriage have been rocky and its most likely to end like Khloe and Lamar Odom whose their divorce proceedings is on course, not to forget Kourtney’s parting ways with Scott and Kris Jenner’s break up from Bruce.

Information from a reliable source confirms that the once steamy relationship between Kanye West and Kim ceased to exist, and the couple no longer living together. To confirm this gossip, Kanye West recently moved to Paris to concentrate on his career, while Kim resides in Los Angeles with her one-year-old daughter, North West. Before Kanye living for Paris, he spent a couple of days with Kim in New York after separating for one month, during this period they tried to reconcile without any success. To make matters worse, the couple did not even celebrate Thanksgiving day together, a day that most of the families in American spend time as a closely knit unit.

Most of the people in the Showbiz scene seems to blame Kanye West from marrying Kim, having known that the relationship was not meant to last, but was just to satisfy the ego of a Kardashian girl. Kanye friends confirm that Kim has never been serious about life and her intellectual and decision-making abilities are pitiable. Kanye West at one time complained that all that his wife knows is to go on a shopping spree spending on what he terms as not valuable, and talkies selfies. Another version of the milling rumor is that the couple has been having fighting over whether to have a second child after their only daughter, North. Kanye from onset have held the opinion that the second child idea was not good as it was inclined to ruin their new marriage life, and at the same time make it difficult for him to concentrate on his career. On the hand, Kim on the hand has direly been in need of a second child to fortify their relationship.

It will only take a real compromise for these two love birds to reconcile, if all the rumors in both the print and electronic media, which Kanye West have denied not to be factual, are true. The only glimmer of hope is Kim commitment have the relationship work despite of the negativity from the inner circle of Kanye West friends and the media.